Monday, 24 September 2012

Rainbow Ribbon Streamers

I've been meaning to post about these streamers for ages. We made some at church ages ago to use during song time but I wanted to make some at home too.

First get some ribbon - we chose a rainbow selection as we have been thinking about rainbows lately.

Then tie the ribbon on to a hoop (we used a bangle that we got in a party bag).

Time to dance.

These make great props for music and dancing. If you wanted to you could use them in a 'rainbow party'(I've seen loads on pintrest). Or you could link them to the story of Noah.

Language focus (whilst using the streamer): wave , flap, shake, twirl


  1. what a cool idea. My little girl would love it. x

  2. Beautifully simple ideas always the best!
    Have used this in children's work too

  3. I love ANYTHING rainbow and this is so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! Off to G+.



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