Monday, 17 December 2012

Twinkl: a review

As a speech therapist (and a mum) I'm always on the look out for things to save me time and good resources to use at work and in the home. Twinkl is an online education resource that does exactly that. The web site provides handrawn, bright, attractive pictures aimed at Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2. The resources are well organised in subject and topic areas.  As well as over 60,000 free resources there are 10,000 more which you can access for a subscription of only £29.99. There's even a special area for parents - with star charts, educational guides and ideas for school preparation.

There's a specific area for speech and language located in the additional needs section. Lots of the other resources could also be used for developing language. I especially like the 'topic word cards', which as well as having the spelling of the word have pictures - a great for older kids learning new words.

I choose some of the Christmas resources to print off (as we are very into Christmas currently .... can't think why!) There's a great story board. I used it with 'The Fairy' to make up a story together, but it would be equally fun to use one for writing.

We also played with the Christmas size ordering pictures. These would be great for a 2 key word level activity ('find the big present') or superlatives and comparatives (which ones the bigger, which ones the biggest). We talked about what might be in the presents The Fairy thinks the big present has a doll's pram in (fortunately that's what will be wrapped up under the tree for her on Christmas morning!)

It's a great site and one I'm definitely going to 'bookmark'

I was given a premium subscription in return for this review. All opinions in this review are my own.

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