Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hole punch Rainbow cards

The Fairy loves to hole punch. Our flat is frequently littered with bits of confetti produced with industrious hole punching. She is very fond of my selection of craft punches as they produce interesting shapes. She is also fond of painting and printing - as a process rather than what she produces.

Both these activities are great fun and she learns lots from doing them. I often let her combine these two loves and punch her own creations.

The by product of all this hole punching art work is lots of beautifully rainbow coloured shapes (or what ever colour she has been using to paint or print that day!) When arranged these make striking and unique designs (a bit like the originals!). Perfect for cards and a great way to preserve art work.


Depending on how the paper is painted it helps to get a range of colours if you cut the paper into smaller strips (other wise the hole punch can only reach the outside edge).

You can use any design you like but I really like using geometric style patterns (like a square or a line of three) in similar shades or a rainbow shape using rainbow colours. The are perfect for grandparents.

We demonstrated this craft along with another card design on a Google + hang out, along with another why not take a peak. 


  1. What a cute idea and a fun way to use her art/ painting.

  2. How have I missed your blog??! FAB! Particularly like this idea x


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