Saturday, 18 May 2013

9 ways to reuse bottles and containers in the garden

Recycling makes great sense - not only is it all about making something for nothing, it prevents waste. The Fairy is regularly reminding me to 'reduce, reuse, recycle' (a lesson she has learnt from watching Bob the builder!). Too be honest, I'm not as good at recycling/ reusing as I could be (hence the reminders). So we've been trying extra hard to recycle and reuse things this month.

We made some mini green houses to keep our seedling sunflowers warm. I cut the bottom off - volia a tiny green house for free. Perfect for places too small for a real glass house.

We found some great ideas from other kids bloggers too,

What we do all day has some fab vegetable pots made from old containers. I love that they have a window so you can see the plants growing.

Teach beside me show how to make an elephant watering can - watering will never be boring again!

Playing in the garden is such fun. How about some pretend play with these juice cartoon houses from Red Ted Art- they are super cute.

Or scoops for the sand pit from Picklebums

Why not get active with a game of skittles from Domestic Goddesque.

Or milk bottle tennis rackets from Laughing Kids Learn.

I love this water wall from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots - it looks great fun.

Or how about a sprinkler from Housing a Forest.


  1. Thanks for including my post! Pinned. :)

  2. What fantastic ideas! If only we had warmer weather to enjoy them....i will be book-marking this post for when the sun finally comes out - I love the sprinkler and the elephant watering can! I have joined in the pinterest party this week and haven't come across your blog before so will be following :)

    1. Glad you joined in the party it looks like it's going to be super fun!


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