Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Handmade pressed flower gift

I love making and receiving handmade presents. This pressed flower paper weight would make a great thank you present for a teacher at the end of term. Or you could personalise it to make a great gift for a flower lover for their birthday/ Mothers day/Christmas etc.

handmade pressed flower gift

The Fairy loves flowers, so we have been pressing some of the buttercups and daisies that grow on our allotment. I love doing traditional crafts that I remember from my child hood and pressing flowers has mega nostalgia value. But what to do with all those flowers when they are pressed?

pressed flowers

I then used a Sharpie (permanent marker) to write 'thank you' on a washed pebble- but you could obviously change the message depending on the occasion

pebble craft

and stuck on a buttercup (chosen by The Fairy from the selection) using PVA and gave the whole thing a PVA varnish.
handmade gift

We talked about this and our lavender fairy wand on Red Ted Art's flower hang out- have you seen it yet?

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  1. What a lovely idea! I like that very much, thanks for sharing! x


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