Thursday, 5 December 2013

Homemade fingerprint Christmas cards

Have you got your Christmas cards yet ? We've made some handmade cards based on the nativity story.

finger print nativity card

The base of the card is really simple - a fingerprint. We're quite big fans of hand print / finger print art (as you can see from our autumn tree, spring tree and handprint birthday card).

fingerprint card

After a finger print we added different details and embellishments to make the different characters in the story. 

fingerprint nativity scene

For Mary and Joseph I added a brown and blue body as well as head scarf. Baby Jesus had a bed of straw made from cutting a fringe into a piece of yellow a.d a crib made from corrugated card.

The angel had silver wings (drawn on with one of these markers - which I love and a body made of glittery card.

fingerprint angel

The shepherds had bodies similar to Joseph and a white finger print which I turned into a sheep.
fingerprint shepherds

Finally the wise men had brightly coloured bodies, hand drawn crowns and stick on sequins for gifts.
fingerprint three kings

If your after other ideas for homemade Christmas cards check out this rather cool hangout (see if you spot us!)


  1. these are so cute! pinning this. I just might do this with my youngest and my grandkids next week.

  2. So sweet! Love all the different textures too!


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