Monday, 10 February 2014

Chinese New Year inspired Dragon playdough

Revisiting an exciting or fun event can help embed a child's learning. Last week we saw our local Chinese New Year celebrations complete with dancing lions and dragons. The Frog was very transfixed by the dancers and drums (so much so we have had several sessions of dragon dancing at home this week). To extend this experience I made some red and yellow  playdough  (the colours of the dragons and lions we had seen) and gave him some 'loose parts' to add.

We looked at pictures from Google of dancers and then he set to work making several dragons. Each time labelling the parts as  he went. 'Dragon head, dragon eye.... more dragon eye'. He wasn't always conventional about what he chose to be which part e.g. the 'googley eye's were sometimes eyes, sometimes noses  (but he had a very clear plan in his head about what he wanted each thing to be). The great thing about using 'loose parts' is it can spark creativity and imagination.
dragon playdough

When the Fairy came home from school she saw the dragons and quick set about making her own too. I love the sequins she has chosen for ears.
dragon playdough

Language Links: 
Vocabulary: roll, shapes (ball/ sphere, cylinder), texture (shiny/bumpy) colour (red/yellow), body parts
Other: Linking two words (e.g 'dragon's nose').

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  1. I love celebrating Chinese New Year with my Kindergarten kids. This play dough activity looks like a lot of fun.



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