Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Concept learning guessing game

This guessing game is super quick and thrifty. Its also great hands on way for teaching concepts.
Whilst I was clearing out the Frogs sock draw I remembered a great way of teaching the concepts that was shown to me by a brilliant teacher.

You just need some patterned socks (we used stars and stripes), preferably in the same colour scheme and an old box. Cut x shapes for the tips of the socks to fit through.

Then you can play. Take turn to guess if its stars or stripes (or what ever patterns you have). For children who have language disorders concepts can be difficult to learn so it is best to teach one concept at a time rather than two at once . You can talk about the concept you are teaching and 'not' the concept (e.g. stars vs not stars rather than stripes vs stars).

After guessing you pull and find out what you have.

The Frog took a while to get hang of the guessing. The Fairy loved it. You could also use this game for teaching colours.

Language Links: not/ stars/stripes
Other skills: Predicting

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