Thursday, 4 December 2014

Child made snow flake decorations

Making Christmas decorations with children is a great way to get in the festive spirit and make memories.

Reading the poem 'Snow'by Walter del la Mare with it's beautifully chilly words inspired us to make some easy paper snow flakes. If you would like to check out the book you can find it by clicking on the affiliate link in the picture

Making the snow flakes is super simple.

First cut a circle (I helped the Fairy and the Frog by doing this step). We found tissue paper worked best.

Next fold your paper in half 4 times.Again I did this step (as its important to be exact to get a good result)

Then get cutting. The Fairy wanted to do more delicate designs so we drew a design for her to cut out.The Frog just liked cutting! It gave lots of learning opportunities to talk about symmetry and predict what the snowflake might look. 

You could hang the flake from a tree or stick them on the window to make it look like it's snowing outside.

This post is part of a series of 10 days of child made ornaments which features 70 + book inspired Christmas decorations, find out more by clicking here.


  1. They're very pretty in tissue paper!

  2. So simple & so fun Katie - love it :)

  3. My kids love making snowflakes, what a great hands-on book extension!


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