Monday, 25 March 2013

You Can't Eat a Princess! (but you can eat cake!) - Poppins Book Nook

Every month for the next 12 months, we are linking up with a fab crowd of bloggers to form Poppins Book Nook.

We will each be blogging our ideas for book based fun. Each month has a theme - this month's is Princesses, Knights and castles.

The Fairy is very into Princesses, hence the tales of Princess Spaghetti are very much in demand at bed time. In the book 'You can't eat a Princess', the strong willed and courageous Princess Spaghetti ends up rescuing her Father from a bunch of hungry aliens (who had never tasted chocolate). It's a humorous book with eye catching illustrations. I love how the Princess is a positive role model and instead of being rescued, is the rescuer.

When I suggested to the Fairy we could make something from the book, I rather hoped she'd be up for a bit of junk modelling - perhaps of a rocket or one of the fun planets in the book. Instead (and rather predictably) she chose to make cake - chocolate of course! I actually didn't mind this plan to much, as I too am rather fond of cake.

Baking is great for developing language, talking about what you are doing...



and finally eating. The chocolate cakes topped with white chocolate butter icing and sprinkles.

Here are all the other bloggers taking part. Why not pay them a visit


  1. Love the activity that your daughter chose - of course, though, now I want chocloate cake......

  2. I haven't heard of Princess Spaghetti; we will have to look for her! Any reason to bake cupcakes is good in my book!

  3. That sounds like a fun book! Those cupcakes look "fit for a princess!" :)

  4. I don't think I have read this book before so I will be looking for it at the library this week. The cupcakes look yummy!

  5. Cooking with kids is a great way to build language skills. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  6. Cute idea! This sounds like a fun book.

  7. We cook together whenever we can.. its so much fun. And baking especially is a favorite theme with the kids! :) thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow I hope we can find the book here! The cupcakes looked good!


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