Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Cork printing garden

Printing with corks is another easy way to produce art work with paint.

cork printing

I set up an 'invitation to create' for The Fairy consisting of paint, paper and corks, showed her how to make a print and let her loose. The first thing she printed was a flower (not surprising consider the amount of time we have been talking about gardening in our house lately). 

I then suggested she added some mini beasts (bugs) and we talked about the best way to make them. When she saw me add detail with a pen she wanted to have a go.

cork printed ladybird

cork printed bee

cork printing garden

We joined in with some other craft bloggers taking about how me use cork in craft . Click here and have a look.



  1. Aww I love those bugs, especially the ladybird!

  2. Oh corks would be cool to print with! I wonder if we have any!?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. It looks so easy and fun.
    Thanks for linking in #pinitparty
    Pinned @romanianmum


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