Saturday, 11 January 2014

Glitter glue fireworks

Have you tried making glitter glue fireworks?

Ever since New Years Eve The Frog has been firework obsessed. This has included running around making 'whizz' and 'bang' noises. So I thought he might like a to experiment with a craft version.

The shiny glue looks really effective on black card.

This activity can be done with a wide age range of children, each learning at their level.

The Fairy wanted to add a 'firework' label using our favourite metallic pen. I've included an affiliate link for the pens in Amazon just in case you want to try them too (for those of you who are new to affiliate links it just means if you buy the product after clicking on the image I get paid a small percentage at no extra cost to you).

Language links: shiny, colour, sound words e.g bang, pop, whizz (links to 'letters and sounds' phase 1, aspect 6 'voice sounds).

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