Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Valentine's ice play

Ice play is a huge hit in our house. The gap after school pick up and before tea can sometimes be a bit tricky to fill. We often crash in front of the TV but I found these silicon ice moulds a the back of my cupboard and they inspired me to  prepare some ice hearts to make a valentine's sensory box.

I added a little food colouring to colour the water when making the hearts (I was worried this might stain so put sheets down - check your food colouring first to make sure).

As both children (5 and 2) could join in at the same time it made for a calm afternoon!

We had fun touching and taking about the ice, filing a bucket and thinking about what might happen next to the hearts (melting). Dirt and boogers has done a similar activity and used jelly/ jello you can find it here.

As with all activities make sure you supervise your child adequately. Ice cubes can be a choking hazard for small children. 

Language  used: cold, shivery, melt, drip, red.

If you like ice play you might like our polar ice sensory tub / pretend play scene or our ice decorations.

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