Thursday, 6 March 2014

DIY Gruffalo story sack

Story sacks (or story bags) are a great way to bring stories to life and hold a child's concentration as they listen to a story. They are basically a collection of props to help you tell your story. They have the added bonus that the child can play with the items afterwards and retell the story. This story sack is based on the Gruffalo, a firm favourite in many houses and preschools! As well as having visual element we really wanted this story sack be extra sensory and to be tactile.

The Fairy helped make the parts of the story bag. Purple prickles were made by painting this pine cone purple. Orange eyes from bottle tops and 'googley eyes'. The tongue is piece of black felt.

Terrible tusks, teeth and claws were all pieces of stone chosen for their appropriate size and shape.

Knobbly knees and turned out toes were pieces of brown craft foam. The knees had 'added knobble' by mixing porridge and silver paint.

Once you've made a story sack the best thing to do it to take it to a deep dark wood and tell a story.

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  1. What a wonderful story sack. I love the knobbly knees and the purple prickles. So clever x

  2. Ah I remember story sacks when the Bug was in nursery. What a lovely idea to make your own!

  3. Brilliant idea for a story sack I love the elements that you have put into it. T would love taking this to the woods with us.

  4. What a super idea. i love the use of all the textures! a great way to bring the story to life.

  5. Brilliant - love the knobbly knees a really great story sac

  6. What a fabulous story sack. We love The Gruffalo too and we've done sensory play on this theme- but I love the idea of keeping it all like this to use again and again :)


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