Monday, 24 March 2014

Our Caffe Cagliari moment and recycled flower

Caffe Cagliari have recently launched Nespresso compatible capsules in the UK, combining over 100 years of coffee expertise with the latest coffee technology. When they asked what my 'perfect coffee moment' was, I knew it would be tricky to decide. 

I love 'a coffee and catch up' with friends (show me a speech and language therapist who doesn't like talking -it's in my job description).

I also enjoy coffee as a 'time out'. I recently went on a parenting course and one of the first tips the trainer spoke about was being aware of your stress levels. She said it was really hard to parent effectively if you were feeling stressed - you are we more likely to shout etc. at the kids. The trainer suggested having a few minutes time out for yourself when you feel like you are starting to get stressed. I find making a coffee an effective time out and it stops me snapping at the kids.

Another coffee fav is having a coffee and craft session (either by myself or with the kids).

I was totally inspired to craft when I saw the shape of the Nespresso compatible capsules Caffe Cagliari comes in. It looks just like a plant pot. So I set about making a really easy recycled flower.

I think this would make a cute child made Mother's Day gift or end of term thank you for a teacher. The best bit is it's really easy. Simply bend the pipecleaner, stick it in a cleaned out empty capsule and add the flower. For ease we used foam flowers that were already sticky. If you wanted to get extra creative you could make a flower from card or craft foam.

What would be your perfect coffee moment?

Disclosure: We were sent some coffee capsules and some espresso cups as a thankyou for writing about our Caffe Cagliari moment


  1. How cute are these? I now feel guilt free about the idea of having a machine ;) bet there are so many things you could use them for - can see them making toy top hats or doll's house stools in our house!

  2. That is a really good flower and I too would be pleased to receive it for Mother's day. I have just arranged to go out with the girls so no coffee for me :)

  3. I think it's great that you found a neat way to reuse the coffee pod. I love that kind of thing!

  4. Simple but doable for a toddler =)



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