Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Egg paint bombs process art

Process art can be pretty scary if you were taught art should be 'done' in a certain way. Infact it can feel like chaos.The key concept of process art is in the name - it's the process not the product that is the aim of the activity.

Egg paint bombing lends it self well to creating in this way. It's perfect for fun with all ages (we had two grown ups, a toddler and a 5 year old joining in with this). They are a messy play painty version of the Mexican confetti filled cascarones

As we knew it was going to be messy we headed out the forest (and as I wanted to make extra sure no animals were harmed in the making of this art I put down a bin bag to keep the paint off the floor).

To prepare for the activity the Fairy helped me to crack a hole in the top of the eggs, empty and wash the eggs. The hole was purposefully large (to aid the filling with paint), we left the filling part till we were outside. Did I mention this activity is a perfect excuse to make cakes too, what with all those egg shells we *had* to do something with the eggs. 

Before we threw the first egg we spoke about what might happen. Then we let rip.

I was surprised that the eggs didn't break easily - but that led to more throwing. Then we whipped out some paint brushes to do some mixing.

If we do this again I think I'll take some extra paper to make prints from the patterns made in the paint.

I first saw this activity over at Play Create Explore where they used powered paint- I love the paint explosions they make - great for talking about science.

TinkerLab Creative Challenge

This post is part of the Tinkerlab egg challenge

Language Learning: using language to predict and reason (What will happen if you throw the eggs? Why didn't they break? What could you do to make them break?).


  1. My kids would love this :)

  2. This looks so fun for the kids to do!! But not fun for us parents to clean up...but I might just try it out very soon and stretch my inhibitions! Thanks for linking up to Mom's Library, I'm featuring you this week at Crystal's Tiny Treasures. Happy Easter, and I hope you've been enjoying the fine weather this weekend.


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