Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Collecting flowers

'The Fairy' loves gathering and transporting  things... I'm forever finding little bags filled with pebbles and hair clips or pots with shells and bricks (it worries me that she may develop a habit of collecting things like her Papa - but that's a whole other story!) Because of this I try to provide her with a range of collecting receptacles (old handbags/ purses/ pots/muffin and bun tins etc)

Today I wasn't feeling very well so I was relived that she was busy occupying her self. I thought I should probably check that she was OK and I found her collecting and sorting flowers and leaves with 'her' bun tin (and one she had 'borrowed' from the kitchen!)

I asked her to 'tell me about them' (I once went on a training course that suggested to ask a child this rather than 'What are you making/doing?' as 'can you tell me all about it' was more open ended and encouraged communication).

'I'm collecting flowers for my Mum, just like Goldilocks... they are decorations'. She must have noticed I was feeling poorly! As I've already blogged we are trying to expand our Spanish/ English book selection and have recently borrowed this great book from the library. It starts with Goldilocks collecting flowers in the wood before discovering the house of the 3 bears. I also love it because it rhymes (in English). Developing rhyming skills are important in developing early language and literacy skills.

We brought them inside and she used her small world people to 'have a party' (we've had lots of birthday parties lately so obviously a theme on her mind currently!)

Language Focus:
Vocabulary: prepositions (in)
Other rhyme (if you read the lovely Goldilocks book!)


  1. So pretty! Lovely that Spring is finally here and the children can explore pretty flowers.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  2. How sweet :-) I love how kids like collecting little flowers, leaves, feathers and such. We have a nature table that some get placed on and my son also has a treasure box where others end up :-)

    I hope you are feeling better, and thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times

  3. I love that she enjoys flowers so much.... A definite theme!!!


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