Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Inspired by Kandinsky #2

After the success of our first Kandinsky inspired art work I thought it would be fun to try another one, this time using different materials. We looked again at the pictures in the book and talked about how some of the pictures had shapes with hard edges and some soft.

The piece that caught 'The Fairy's' eye was more water colour-y than the piece we had previously done.

After seeing this post I'd really wanted to use ice to paint so though now may be a good time (we are big fans of playing with ice).

We used a mixture of painting with food colouring in water and using ice cubes of frozen food colouring to make a back ground. We rubbed the ice cubes on the paper and as they melted the painted. It was great seeing how the colours mixed.

When they had dried (we used a hair dryer because 'The Fairy' wanted to get cracking and they were VERY wet) we added some black lines (we didn't do it whilst they were we as the colour looked like it might 'bleed')

We added the lines by sliding ice cubes down the picture (whilst the picture was stuck to a tray). Unfortunately as this needed a lot of adult hands we didn't get a photo (ever think the job description of a parent needs a bit about having more hands than an octopus??!)
The finished masterpieces with the inspiration.

Language focus
Vocabulary: slide, cold, mix, brush, dry, wet, colours

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  1. Oooh how wonderful! Another Kandinsky piece of art. Go you.



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