Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Say cheese!

Since I have started blogging I have been taking more photos. 'The Fairy' has noticed this and really wanted a turn.... So I gave her our old camera and off she went to point and click.

She had a great time. Here are a selection of some of her results (there were lots of blurred ones too - but hey, that's the joy of digital photography!)

She loved seeing the pictures she had taken uploaded onto our computer and was very keen to tell me which ones she liked.


  1. It is wonderful to be able to see the world through our kids eyes. They are great photos.

  2. They are great photos.
    Don't know if you know but I'm running a photo editing software giveaway competition.

  3. I think it is great to give them chance at a camera! Well done you! Noah has one of the VTech digital cameras and he loves it. Thanks for sharing on family frolics :)


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