Monday, 4 June 2012

Printing with flowers

I've seen other bloggers join in with Tinkerlab's bi monthly challenges and thought they looked quite fun. We decided to join in too. This one was flower themed.  One of the central aspects of the challenge is that is should be child led. So I asked the Fairy 'Shall we do some making with flowers' the conversation went something like this....

The Fairy 'I don't know, what can I do ?'
Me 'Anything',
The Fairy 'Anything....?',
Me 'Yup' ,
The Fairy 'Really really anything?,
Me 'yes anything',
The Fairy 'OK can we doing painting with them?,
Me 'Er... we can try!' So we did.

Who needs paintbrushes when you can use petals!

The finished pic


  1. Bless you for being open to this painting idea! I bet that Fairy had a great time painting with her flowers. And I'm so glad you took on the creative challenge. Hope to see you on the next one.


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