Monday 30 September 2013

Each week a group of lovely bloggers get together to host the parenting pin it party. You can link up favourite posts and we pin them.
The Fairy and the Frog
It's a great way to find lots of lovely ideas for kids activities and parenting posts. This week were hosted by the rather fabulous Mamasaurus. Pay her a visit to see what favourite posts from last week are.

Monday 23 September 2013

Monday Parenting Pin It Party - 23rd September

It's Monday again , which means it is time to share your fabulous parenting posts. Anything parenting related is welcome from crafts, play ideas, posts on parenting any recipes. This week it's Mum of One's turn to host and choose her favourite posts from last week.
The Fairy and the Frog
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Monday 9 September 2013

How to make an Owl babies story sack

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Using objects as you tell a story can help a child to focus and pay attention. Having the same objects available for the child to play with can act as a prompt to help them retell the story and develop imaginative play scenarios. All great ways to develop language skills and have fun at the same time.

Here's how we made some pom pom owls to use a 'story sack' for one of our favourite autumn books : Owl babies                                                        

I made some pom poms out of wool (my top tip if you are going to 'try this at home' would be to use smaller pom poms - I was a bit enthusiastic and they take ages to make!). I made 3 'owl babies' and one wool mother. If you have an older child you might like to make the pom pom with them. I modified them to look like owls by sticking on some felt eyes and a beak (made from folding a square in half).

I then told The Fairy the story (borrowing Grandma's apple trees for a nest). Moving the props as appropriate during the story.

Afterwards we used a fallen branch and The Fairy retold the story. Later I over heard her playing 'Owl schools' - The eldest Owl had just started school like her! 

NB as these are pom poms not toys it is important not leave your child alone with them.

We talked about our pom pom Owl's over at Red Ted Art's Autumn craft hang out. There are lots of other lovely autumn ideas to check out. 

Here are some other ideas for 'story sacks': Nativity Story Box
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Monday 2 September 2013

Monday Parenting Pin it Party 2nd September

Today is my turn to host the parenting pin it party. As a host we get to choose our favourite of the post from last week.

Regular readers of The fairy and the frog will know how much we love pretend play (keep your eyes pleased for an upcoming post we have on why pretend play is important for developing language skills).

Considering our love of pretend play it's no surprise, then that this post from Here come the girls caught our eye.

Another favourite of ours is incorporating nature and natural materials into learning. We loved this idea for making patterns on sticks from Tutus and Tea Parties.

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