Saturday 16 August 2014

Loose parts play, shells and mirror

We've had some fun exploring reflections and making patterns with some loose parts play. Loose parts play is nothing new. Anyone remember playing with Grandma's button tin when you were little? It is a great way to encourage concentration and creativity. You provide your child with loose 'bits' that can be explored, moved around, combined and experimented with.

The beauty of loose parts is they can literally be anything, promoting creative thinking. Because the 'parts' are not prescribed as something the play time can be open ended- there is no right or wrong thing to do with the items (encouraging a child to develop their concentration span).

We have a rather large collection of shells , to which we added some glass beads. I presented them along with a mirror in some glass jars.

The Frog played with them and enjoyed making patterns, empty and filling the pots. Playing with the items on a mirror The Fairy spotted the play set up as soon as she arrived home from school. Her shells were people and the glass beads we the sea. She created a whole narrative with the loose parts as props.

Do you have a favorite loose parts toys?