Tuesday 29 January 2013

Vegetable Glue, review and sensory play

Vegetable Glue by Susan Chandler and Elena Odriozola is the cautionary tale of what happens if you only eat cake. The book is filled with gorgeously quirky illustrations of various parts of the narrator's body falling off (a problem which can be remedied by vegetable glue).

'The Fairy' adores this book. I think it really appeals to her sense of humour. I love reading it too. The book has a great flow and I love the illustrations. It contains plenty of rhyming words which make it a pleasure to read and gives the reader that all important boost in rhyme awareness - so it gets a thumbs up from me as a mum and as a speech and language therapist.

Review rating:
The Fairy Thinks: *****        The Grown up Thinks: *****
Summary: We love it!  

As we love it so much it seemed a natural choice to play 'vegetable glue'. We made 'glue' using cornflour (cornstarch) gloop, made from water and corn flour. I have an extra soft spot for gloop as its the first sensory play material I used at work so using it brings back fond memories. 

We added peas (there's lots of peas in the book) and some green food colouring. It was great watching the patterns the food colouring made as we played and explored.

The Fairy loved exploring how the gloop was a liquid and dripped

but was hard when you pushed it.

It was great for practising letter formation and mark making. 

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Friday 18 January 2013

Valentine heart window decoration

These 'stained glass' heart decorations are really easy to make.

valentine kids craft

I cut out a heart shape and laid it on a square of sticky back plastic (contact paper).

valentines window decoration

The Fairy then filled it with assorted items from our craft cupboard. When she finished I put another square onto the heart (sticky side facing the sequins etc) to make a 'heart sandwich'. I then squished out the bubbles and cut round it.
stained glass heart craft

Tada! Heart shaped decorations. They would be a really fun way to introduce kids to concept of transparent and opaque.
kids heart craft

Language used: heart, sticky, shiny, press

If you like stained glass you might like these stained glass biscuits

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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Playing with wrapping paper

After having such a great time with our wrapping paper sensory box I decided to save some of our left over wrapping paper from our Christmas presents to play with. Here's what we did, such a great resource (and its free!)

Paint is a big favourite in our house. The Fairy especially loves to print. Scrunching up the paper and using it to print made great patterns. We also tried printing with bubble wrap. This was a great excuse to use language to reason and predict; will the pattern be the same when you print with paper and then with bubble wrap, what might it look like?

Scissors are another big hit in our house. We have a collection of old cards and scrap paper the Fairy can cut. She'd cut everything if she was allowed - I'm hoping providing her with constructive opportunities to cut will mean she won't cut her own, or even worse her brother's hair! This wrapping paper with squares made a perfect excuse to have a go at cutting.

I made some simple 'cards' by cutting different patterned paper out - perfect for a game of pairs or snap.

Did you play with your left over wrapping paper? What did you do?

Saturday 5 January 2013

Best of 2012:Most played with activity

As its January its always fun to look back and remember (as well as plan for fun times ahead!) A group of fab bloggers are doing that, by sharing our best posts of 2012

I think our best post (based on the number times it has been played with since the post!) is our DIY Fairy house. You can check it out here.

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Happy New Year!

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