Monday 19 May 2014

Crafting with petals

Crafting with natural materials can be great fun. The summer months are fantastic for being able to get outside and get creative (although the spring, autumn and winter months are too as long as you are appropriately dressed!).

I'd love to take the credit for this craft but it is entirely the invention of The Fairy and one of her friends. Whilst her friends mum and I were enjoying a cuppa they were quietly playing out side. When we went to check on them they asked for some extra 'making equipment', they wanted to make with some petals they had found fallen on the ground.

They had spontaneously created a selection of flowers. Lots of creative thinking, planning and experimenting went on as well as practising fine motor skills. Obviously petal art only lasts as long as the flowers but they had fun.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Seafood Paella #Morrison Mum

I'm not particularly loyal to one supermarket - I tend to go where is nearest. Because we don't live really close to a Morrison I haven't been in one for ages. When I was offered some vouchers so I could have a shopping trip last bank holiday weekend I was more than ready to give it a try. I heard some talk in the media that they were cutting prices and economic shopping is something that always interests me.

I had a lovely surprise when I ventured into Morrisons last weekend. The thing that stuck me the most was the range and freshness of the produce in the green grocery section (including some okra, which will be featuring in a craft post very soon). 

The produce was attractively arranged with little signs telling you about it and giving you tips on how to cook it. Some of the veg was kept extra fresh by a vaporising system, something I had never seen before.

I stocked up on my regulars plus a few extra treats. I brought all the ingredients for this tasty seafood paella. I'd like to claim that I cooked it, but I can't take the credit. The Papa made it as a bank holiday treat. Paella is perfect food for relaxing and is great for a party. We usually make paella with chicken but  the seafood caught my eye and was really economical so we had a seafood paella for a change. The Papa particularly enjoyed this chorizo (which he would like me to point out should be pronounced 'chur -rith - oh' - with no 'z').

The Papa tends to make it up as he goes along so these are rough guidelines. We make it the easy way not authentically (but it is cooked by an authentic Spaniard and tastes lovely!) If you want to try our paella this is what we did:

Soften an onion (you don't want to not rush this part as it gives the dish extra sweetness). Cut a piece of cooking chorizo about the same size as your thumb (you want hard chorizo 'ring' for this recipe not the pre sliced chorizo). Peel the paper from the chorizo and cut it into discs. Then add it to the onions. Wait until the paprika colour is released- this means the chorizo is releasing all the flavour. Add some chopped pepper (I found some black sweet peppers which the kids thought were fab, you can use they usual red or yellow if your prefer). Separately cook some rice according to the packet instructions (if you add a pinch of tumeic to the rice it will turn yellow or if you were being authentic you could use saffron). Add a tin of chopped tomato, the cooked rice and seafood unto the chorizo and onions. Add a cupful of cooked peas. Simmer until ready. We made this for £1.21 per portion- bargin!

Disclaimer: We were given vouchers in order to conduct this review. All views are my own.