A little about me
I have three gorgeous children 'The Fairy' ,  'The Frog'  and the baby and am married to their wonderful Papa. We are aiming to raise the kids bilingually and biculturally (which is great as I get to eat both English and Spanish sweets- the kids need to experience 'food culture'!)

I'm a Speech and Language Therapist by training - I love listening and talking. Other loves include gardening, crafty things and getting messy. My creative attempts don't always turn out the way I expect but somebody wise once said to me 'it all adds to the home made feel'

Above all I love Jesus and I want to share my faith with my kids - you can find more ideas about how we do this our 'other blog' Little People Big Faith .

I am not a 'super mum', quite often the dishwasher needs filing and the laundry basket is more fulI than my local on a Friday night. Some days it's a struggle just to get everyone out the house dressed in the right clothes. However, I  believe in the importance of play and creativity and am blogging to try and inspire me to do more things with my little ones (and spend less time in front of the TV).

Now for the serious bit
I’m going to try and include some tips with the activities to show how you can use them to develop language skills. It important to highlight that you don't need fancy equipment or games to develop your child’s language. You can develop language skills though sharing every day tasks with your child (such as giving them a bath or doing the shopping).  Spending time playing and talking is key. Please note that this is not therapy advice or therapy. If you feel you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech and language skills you should discuss these with professionals involved with your child or seek advice from a registered qualified therapist. In the UK check out http://www.rcslt.org/speech_and_language_therapy/how_to_find_an_slt/howtofind

Collaborate and Listen!

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  1. Lovely to find your blog through Michelle's FB group! I see we share more than just our faith, as I am also raising my kids bilingually (Dutch and English) and I love linguistics, so spend a lot of time studying how my children are acquiring language.

  2. Welcome to our blog Judith lovely to have you here :-)


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