Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter biscuits

We love to eat in our house. We love to eat when we celebrate. We especially  love to  celebrate by eating chocolate. 

However as 'The fairy' is getting bigger I felt it important that she understood the real Easter story- not just about chocolate eggs and bunnies (as lovely as they may be- and we shall be eating those tomorrow too). So we decided to make some cross shaped biscuits.

We made some dough (we adapted  this recipe we used marg instead of butter and left out the ginger and added vanilla essence). Rolled out the dough and used our cross shaped biscuit cutter (if you don't have one you could use a cardboard template and cut around it).

Crushed some boiled sweets. This didn't work too well with the banging rolling pin method so I reverted to our liquidizer which I recently found can crush ice - now we can add boiled sweets to that list too.

Cut out a cross shaped window.

Sprinkled the bashed up sweets in the hole and baked (make sure you cover up the hole completely otherwise you will get gaps in the 'stained glass'). If you want to use the decoration to hang make sure you put a hole in before cooking (you can do this with a kebab stick). I think they would look great hung on a tree or on a garland.

The results looked and tasted great too.

'The fairy' loved the finished product and was fascinated by something that she could see through as well as the sweets changing colour. 

This was a great opportunity to use language to compare the texture and colour.. before, after , soft, hard, squidgy, same, different, red, yellow. Lots of verbs were used too... roll, cut, press, squash, bash, hit (a positive way to learn a word that can sometimes be negative!)

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