Monday, 30 April 2012

Miss Polly had a dolly....

'The Fairy' loves role play. She also loves the nursery rhyme 'Miss Polly had a dolly', so Dr role play is the perfect combination.

'Making' dolly sick  with red sticky dots from the craft box (chicken pox obviously!)

I love this one as she took it (unusually in focus for one of her shots!)

Making her better (she insisted on having a hat to go with her medical bag when tending to her patient - just like the nursery rhyme, maybe the NHS should invest in some sun hats too!) 

We then obviously had to sing the rhyme:
'Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick,
So she called for the Dr to come quick, quick, quick
The Dr came with his bag and his hat and he knocked on the door with a rat a tat tat.

He looked at the dolly and he shook his head,
He said Miss Polly 'Put her straight to bed'
He wrote on the paper for a pill pill pill.
'I'll be back in the morning,
Yes I will, will, will'

Language Focus
Vocabulary: sick, poorly, medicine, body parts
Other skills: role play, social skills (empathy) and learning rhymes.


  1. That is a really cute idea. I love the stickers for chicken pox!

  2. I'm starting to worry that my son isn't interested in doctors with all these cute posts about role playing. I wonder why? He's really into superheroes and science. My favorite game when I was little was playing doctor, though.

  3. What a fun idea!! My daughter is always taking all of her dolls and stuffed animals to the doctors and using stickers as bandaids, but not chicken pox. I love it! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times this week!

  4. Thanks Bethany, the simple things are always the most effective hey :-)

  5. Miss Courtney - don't stress about what he's interested in,they are all different. superheroes can be fun role play too- just shows he's got good imagination :-) (having said that sometimes I get a bit sick of playing fairies and princesses!)

  6. Thanks Carrie - I was tempted to let 'The Fairy' use real plasters but knew if I did there would be a day when we needed one for a real injury and I would have forgotten to replace them. Stickers is a fab idea- we'll have to try that next time.

  7. A very poorly dolly - hope she's feeling better now!

  8. Ah bless. I do like the chicken pox. My son loves doctor role play and is always lifting up his top to listen to his chest - but he has been rather ill with infections.

  9. Hee hee hee, how sweet! She does love her imaginative play, it is wonderful. And I love the chicken spots! My son loves playing Dr too, he wraps me up in his playsilks - such fun. Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times!

  10. This is adorable. I especially love how you used red sticker dots to act as chicken pox. I am featuring this tomorrow on Tuesday Tots. I would love for you to drop by, check it out, and link up for the week :)


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