Monday, 9 April 2012

Edible Easter gardens

I have very fond memories of making Easter gardens as a child. When my lovely friend J made edible ones at our church I had to have a go. Another fab way to remember the real meaning of Easter (and have some yummy food too!)

Take 1 green cake (we used a Madeira cake recipe and added green food colouring)

Add a fondant icing hill and cover liberally with green butter icing.

Add an edible cross (made with match makers stuck together with pre made chocolate icing). I was worried that the cross would break really easily but it works surprisingly well as long as you let the icing set before you push it in the cake.

Add an ice cream cone tomb with digestive biscuit stone. Sprinkle with sugar flowers and add a jelly baby Mary Magdalene.

Your very own edible Easter garden.

We were going to add some green coconut as grass but then I remembered 'The fairy' isn't that keen on it so decided not to. The version J made at church had a green jelly (Jello) as the base rather than cake.

Language Focus
push, stir, spread, flower


  1. I love the idea of making this on a cake, much easier than green jelly!

  2. I don't like jelly so not much of a contest! Not sure how I would cope making lots of cake if I was doing it with a big group of kids though - jelly might be easier then :-)


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