Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Small world jungle play

I love how sometimes the simplest play ideas are the best. Yesterday we went to the allotment and 'The fairy' wanted to bring her new toy giraffe (she was very proud as she got it as a reward for getting stickers on her sticker chart).

 Soon her imagination was at work, she pretended the garlic was a 'jungle'

She decided he needed a house so set about work collecting stones to make one.

Then he needed a bed (apparently giraffes like to sleep on grass and dandelions).

Language Focus
Vocabulary: giraffe, house, live, sleep, eat, tall
Play skills: imaginative play is a very important stage in language development.


  1. Oh that is lovely. How very imaginative.

  2. Thank you, it was all my little ones imagination this time, I can only take credit for the photos!

  3. What a gorgeous activity. I am going get my son out with his jungle toys. He will love it!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  4. It's always so great to see imagination unfold. Thanks so much for sharing on this week's Kids Co-Op linky. -PlayDrMom

  5. Wish I had an allotment next to yours!!

  6. Wonderful! Doesn't that little giraffe look magical in the tall garlic! Thanks for linking up to the outdoor play party!

  7. Thanks for also linking this post to Discover and Explore. I love to see kids active in pretend play!


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