Thursday, 12 April 2012

Teddy bears' picnic

'The fairy' adores picnics and is always nagging me to have one. Today because of the grim weather we were looking for something fun to do when she asked to have one. I found our china tea set and table cloth (a present from Great Granny) at the back of  the cupboard. We waited for a break in the rain and set up our tea party on our balcony.

We brewed some blackberry tea (with cold water)

Waiting for the colour to change


She wanted to add some flowers. The tea was not only a beautiful pink colour but smelled fruity too and the flowers added a tactile element. Very sensory!

Then the rain came so we decamped indoors. At which point 'The fairy' decided we needed snacks, a chocolate dinosaur, shiny cake and a bun with a cherry on the top were on the menu!

 I decided that pink tea, pouring and cream carpets didn't mix so swapped the 'tea' for clear water. 

This activity was great for imagination, developing her concentration and role play and well as linking in with her new found fascination with things changing colour (see the Easter biscuits we made at the weekend).

Language Focus
Vocabulary: stir, pour, tip, drink (if your not using flowers in the water!), names of food and crockery
Play skills: Role play is an important stage of development and helps to support imagination and language development.



  1. So sweet - sounds like a lovely time was enjoyed :-)

    I have a linky for sharing posts about fun family times if you would like to share

    Warmly, Kelly

  2. We did have lots of fun , thanks for visiting our blog

  3. This sounds wonderful! I'm very much looking forward to being a mummy and being able to do activities like this! I think your blog is great! This one in particular nearly made me cry, must be the hormones!


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