Monday, 7 May 2012

Red, white and blue

After seeing a picture of the Queen in the paper 'The Fairy' was very inquisitive about the Jubilee. This lead to a very long conversation about who the Queen was, where she lives, the Union Jack, crowns and jewels. A perfect idea for some sensory exploration....

Union Jack pulses (pearl barley dyed blue and red with white rice). I prepared the sensory box whilst the children were having a nap -I'm glad they were, as it took alot of concentration to get the Union Jack pattern.

We added 'jewels' (glass beads - we didn't have any real diamonds) and some 'gold' corrugated cardboard crowns. Later on we some coins and red/silver and blue stars at 'The Fairy's request.

Quickly the Union Jack had disappeared!

There was lots of hiding of the treasure.

Her 'Royal family' came to play.

Making 'A stepping' (when I asked, 'Do you mean stepping stones?') She replied - 'No. A stepping Mummy ... you know a path!')

 I'm sure there will be some more Diamond Jubilee play before the end of the Summer...


  1. Oh wow! You made that from rice? Looks fabulous! What a great sensory bin!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  2. What a brilliant idea, i love the union jack, you must have a really steady hand. I bet there was a little twinge when it disappeared so quickly. I've been wracking my brains to come up with any jubilee stuff, this is a great one. Thanks for sharing (found you on Tots tuesday)

  3. @The Monko- I was glad I took a photo of the 'flag' before it was played with lets put it that way ;-)
    @RedTedArt- Thanks! Amazing what you can do with a few pulses eh!

  4. What a cute idea - I love your union jack! That must have taken patience! And hiding the treasure would be a huge hit here too :-) We are in Australia and visited parliament house the other week and picked up some great postcards of the Queen. My son was really interested to know we had a Queen :-)

    Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times

  5. Wow this is great. You have a really lovely blog.

  6. Wow your sensory tub is SUPERB! There was no way I had the patience to make a Union Jack but it's so effective! Love it. I'm going to feature this in my Diamond Jubilee round up tomorrow, I hope that's ok. Lovely!

    1. yes that would be great thanks for the feature :-) There's no way I could have made the Union Jack whilst the kids were awake- it did take a steady hand and a good deal of concentration!


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