Friday 5 June 2015

27 Ideas for kids mini beast and bug activities

What ever you call them - bugs, mini beast, insects creepy crawlies or critters. Kids find them fascinating. Here's 27 Brilliant ideas for learning with Bugs

Sensory play

Beans and bug sensory play Sugar aunts
Digging for bugs in mud I can teach my child

Playdough minibeasts The Fairy and The Frog
Frozen ice cube bugs Exploring stories
Spaghetti mini beast play ClaresLittleTots

Art and craft
Wet felting bugs Curly birds , I've always wanted to do wet felting - now I've seen these cute critters I'm determined to give it a go.
Cardboard tube mini beast (I love the number of googly eyes on some of these!) Red Ted Art

Cork printed bugs The Fairy and the Frog, these would also look great made with finger prints

Butterfly sun catcher Kids Activities Blog
These Glitter jar lid bugs Crafts By Amanda are gorgeously bling-tastic

Hands on learning
Butterfly bird feeder Nature detectives
Make your own worm farm Let Kids Create
Ant Observation There's Just One Mommy
Involving children in growing plant to provide a good habitat is a great way to teach them about nature. Rainy Day Mum has shared a list of plants to attract ladybirds. Science Sparks shares an investigation to teach children about animal behavior and habitats.

Other play based learning
Light up bugs Mama Smiles is a great STEM project
Ladybird counting stones playful mini beast maths
Web making Boy Mama Teacher Mama this is a great opportunity to practice scissor use as well as learn about mini beasts
Going on a bug hunt? These spotter sticks from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots are great for helping you identify what you've found.

This Incy wincey spider play set above Kids Craft Room is a great visual prop for singing time
Or how about dressing up with a Ladybird costume Crafty Moms Share

Snacks and food
Jelly(o) worms Taming the Goblin
Fruit spider snack Eats Amazing
Apple bugs Eats Amazing

Book based learning
When thinking about insect The hungry caterpillar is a must read. There are loads of activities inspired by the book including

Peg caterpillar Adventures of Adam 
Sponge painted caterpillar Buggy and Buddy

What the Ladybird heard is a firm favorite in our house. How about doing some activities based on this humorous Julia Donaldson picture book
Salt dough Lady birds Damson Lane
What the ladybird heard story sack Play and Learn Everyday

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