Friday 7 August 2015

Why we think sensory play is great

Why we think sensory play is great

It's hands on learning - which is fantastic for learning language. Children are more likely to learn and retain new vocabulary if they experience these words. Talking with a child during sensory play can help new words stick in a child's memory - it makes them meaningful for the child so they are more likely to use those word again. Sensory rich = language rich.

It's great for mixed ages and abilities. This is means it's great for siblings doing an activity together (something which is very useful in the summer holidays!) or for including children who have a range of abilities

It can calm and stimulate. Depending on which activity you choose it can calm the senses or wake your child's brain. Be careful which type of activity you try before bed!

It's fun!

Some ideas for sensory play

Painting on texture
'Why paint on texture not just regular paper?' I hear you ask. Well painting on regular paper is good - we do it alot, but mixing it up adds a different sensory dimensions and it gave the kids something else to talk about -  for example they compared textures and sizes. Doing an activity in a slightly different way is great for encouraging creativity and creative thinking as you are seeing the world from a slightly different perspective. And it's fun!

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